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14.05.2008, 06:10

More Voices

The voices, in my head.
Telling me not to lie,
Telling me not to steal,
Telling me not to burn,
Telling me not to destroy,
Telling me not to kill.

The voices, they go on and on,
Reason, perspective, temperance and negativity,
When will they stop.

Ahh, my last pill,
A sip of water, drink and swallow.
The voices slowly go silent.
No more voices, no more funny words,
No feelings, no rules, no schizophrenia, no conscience.
Only the endless urge for battle, war and victory.

Hundreds of dying faces pass before unsympathetic eyes,
Billions of souls scream in terror.
Time to stop thinking,
Time to get something done.

The painful voices have stopped.
I pick up the planet disintegrator,
And press the button.

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