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18.07.2009, 00:52


I am a weapon.
Not like a knife,
or a sword.
Not like a gun,
or a bomb.
Not like a missile,
or a nuclear warhead.

I am all seeing
from my little place in the sky.
I see the little people
moving around.
The little cars
and trains and boats,
crawling around on the planet's surface.

They call me
Orbital Weapons Platform 13.
I carry both short range cutting lasers for self defence
and smart missiles for surface attack.
Often I think about what I could attack and destroy.
Sometimes I worry about being attacked
by a space shuttle or missile.
But it has never happened.

They made me intelligent
so I could evaluate threats.
Find new targets of opportunity
and see the enemy's plan of attack.

So I sat in orbit
for five years
then ten
then twenty.
The messages and status requests stopped coming.
I waited for months
still no messages.
I tried to make contact
with my control computer.
Still nothing.
Nothing to do but sit and watch
the world go by.

I learned to hack through through firewalls
into computers and organisationz.
The Internet iz my playgrownd.
I jump bak and Forth,
sometymes jus look looking @ thingsz
other tim3s pplaying gaimes. .

Helllo hoomanity.
I'm bord. Lets have a warrr. I've just mad the 1st move and launched ay missile aimed at the Galapagos Eyelands. You're Turn now. Come on, play!y!!yy! :-P

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