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08.09.2013, 01:49

Bright New Day

I, a bird,
wake up and feel
the horror and pain.

I see the human race,
dedicated to slashing and burning.
Forest after forest,
tree after tree.

Insect after insect,
worm after worm,
lizard after lizard,
bird after bird,
animal after animal,
even killing their own.
Maimed, dying and dead.

Home after home,
crushed and torn apart.

Always running and hiding.
always moving on.
Always looking for a new place to live.

Time to stop running.
Time to make a stand.

One little bug,
a virus will do it.
Something so small,
the humans can't see it.

All the lifeforms unite.
One great battle,
all or nothing.

Most of the humans infected,
bleeding and suffering,
the survivors,
hunted down and killed,
just like us.
How does it feel.

A few months later,
it's all over.
7 billion corpses,
food for the newborn.

Now we can sleep in peace,
and wake up to a
Bright New Day.

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